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2020 – The Year of Politehnica in Timisoara

2020 – The Year of Politehnica in Timisoara

2020 – The Year of Politehnica in Timisoara

1 February 2019






Higher education has a tradition of almost 100 years in the city of Timisoara. The city was raised to the rank of Civitas Academica with the signing, by King Ferdinand, on November 11, 1920, of the Decree Establishing the Polytechnic School, Politehnica University Timişoara today, which became, as time passed, one of the largest and most renowned universities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Currently, Timisoara is the most important university and academic center in western Romania, and the city is entitled to mark the contribution that was brought by Politehnica University in the development of Romanian higher technical education in the last 100 years. The transformation of Timisoara into a university city directly resulted in its growth and increased attractiveness for investments of all kinds, preserving the young and innovative spirit, promoting its vanguard image of Romanian and European science.

A century ago, the Timişoara City Hall played a significant role in implementing the project of setting up a higher education institution in these lands: allocating funds, land, buildings, found solutions for hosting the Polytechnic School's secretariat on the way to set up, encouraged the development of a university campus. Their efforts were fully rewarded: Europe's enlightened minds came to Timișoara to teach. Over time, the technical solutions developed by the Polytechnic School have been recognized and taken over in Romania's major development projects, from the construction of the Iron Gates Hydroelectric Power Plant to the Danube-Black Sea Canal, from calculations for the RomExpo building to large industrial complexes the country. The tens of thousands of graduates of Politehnica have contributed to the industrialization and modernization of the country. And the extraordinary quality of human resources at Politehnica was a decisive factor in attracting foreign investors after the 1989 regime change.

In order to emphasize the important role that Politehnica University Timisoara had and continues to play in the development of the city, the Timisoara Local Council adopted the Decision no. 609/2018 approving the declaration of the year 2020 - the year of Politehnica in Timişoara. The text of the Decision can be found on the Timisoara City Hall website.

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