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98 for Poli

98 for Poli

there were completed 98 laps, each one for each year of existence of Politehnica

15 November 2018






To reflect the importance that Politehnica University Timisoara always given sport, since its establishment, a few years ago was launched on the anniversary celebrations of the institution, a race in which students, professors and all who are along with UPT run a number of runways equal to the number of years of existence of the university.

Organized in partnership with the Sports Club Association Alergotura, it enjoyed great success, it has become a tradition, and this year, on November 14 under the title "98 for Poli", there were completed 98 laps, each one for each year of existence of Politehnica.

The traditional run of the Politehnica Days has mobilized more students and teachers this year than in the past years. Each round had a leader who ran the flag of the institution, the first being the UPT rector, prof. eng. Viorel-Aurel Serban, PhD. The last turn was again, as in previous years, led by prof. eng. Daniel Dan, PhD, Vice-Rector. The other representatives of the UPT leadership, of all faculties, departments and student leagues ran.

In total, over 500 people ran in the 98 laps, at Politehnica's No. 1 Sports Base, the oldest being Emil Pitar, 62 years old. The running race also included the "future generation" of Politehnica, Francesca Bakos, for 11 years, and Laurenţiu Şorăndaru, 9 years old.

98 pentru Poli
98 pentru Poli
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