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Politehnica Sports School at 97 years since its inception

Politehnica Sports School at 97 years since its inception

Politehnica Sports School at 97 years since its inception

5 December 2018





Sport has been an essential component of the training of students at Politehnica University Timisoara since its inception, and the institution is currently the only one in the country where the discipline is compulsory, being considered an integral part of the educational process and that it must remain a defining activity of UPT. And for the sport of Politehnica Timișoara, the day of December 4th is a symbolic one, being the one on which, in 1921, Politehnica Timișoara Sporting Society was established, which, over the years, became a symbol of the city.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018, UPT celebrated its 97 years of sporting activity through a conference - "Politehnica Sporting Society 97 Years After Its Establishment" - where UPT Rector, Prof. eng. Viorel-Aurel Şerban, PhD, President of the ASU Politehnica Timişoara, Vice-Rector, prof. eng. Florin Dragan, PhD, and journalist Octavian Stăncioiu, who remembered the most important moments of the sports history of the university.

The first rector of Politehnica University Timisoara (then called the Polytechnic School), Traian Lalescu, was also a great sports lover. In 1916, he was the first president of the Sporting Club Student Club Bucharest (later Sportul Studenţesc), and at that time he was a member of the Central Committee of the FSSR (the governing body of the Romanian sport). He also initiated the establishment of a sports group of the Polytechnic School.

Thus, in the autumn of 1920, the decision to create a new sports association was taken: the Politehnica Timișoara Sporting Society. In short, SS Poli, "Poli" becoming, over the years, more than a symbol for Timisoara society and soccer. Colors, black and white, typical to students.

At first, just with a football section. The first leadership of the club was made up of Victor Vlad (chairman) and Ioan Zăgănescu (vice president).

Formed, at least in the beginning, exclusively by the students, the SS Politehnica football team will start operating in the spring of the following year, 1921. After the Unirea, also founded in 1920, Poli was the second "Romanian" team of the city, consisting mainly of players of Romanian nationality.

Although the group has been active for several months, SS Politehnica was established on December 4, 1921.

The student formation played the first official matches in the second half of 1921, registering in the 1921/22 edition of the 2nd category of the Timisoara District Championship (this category was the equivalent of D3, the last echelon at that time). In 1924, Poli is already in the first category of this championship, which qualifies the team for the final stage of the national championship.

Although Politehnica had never evolved into the first level (equivalent at the time with the final stage) of the national championship, the first polist that evolved for the national team was recorded as early as 15 September 1929, Iulian Pop playing in the friendly match Bulgaria - Romania 2-3 .

The first participation of Politehnica in the national divisional system was in the 1936/37 edition, the first in the history of Division C, and in Division B, in 1940/41, the last official one before the war.

If during the interwar period the team was in the shadow of Chinezul and Ripensia concitadines, which dominated the Romanian football in the 1920s and 30s, after the Second World War, the student group will finally reach the elite of the Romanian championship. In 1948, Poli promotes and participates for the first time in Division A. In the same year, the club name becomes CSU Timisoara (abbreviated CSUT), and since 1950, Știința, when the colors become white-blue.

In 1950, the team ranks third in D1 for the first time. A place that it will never overcome, but which it will finish on for four more times: 1956, 1958, 1963, 1978.

In 1951, the first relegation in Division A followed by an immediate promotion (which will happen several times in history...).

In 1956 it is the last season in which there is more than one Timisoara team in D1. Besides Știința, it was the Locomotiva (formerly, and later, CFR), which then relegated. From then on, Poli will remain the only flag of Timisoara football.

In 1957, in order to "fill" the competition gap created by the return to the autumn-spring system, the Spring Cup is disputed, the D1 teams split into two series. Știința wins one of them and loses the final with Locomotiva Bucharest (currently Rapid).

In 1958, Știința missed the national title, ending in 3rd place in the championship, equal in points to places 1 and 2! However, they win the Romanian Cup, 1-0 in the final with Progresul Bucharest. The same year brings the first participation in an international competition, the Danube Cup (which replaced, for that edition, the Central European Cup). Știința eliminates Dynamo Prague (current Slavia) and is then eliminated by Radnicki Belgrade.

In 1963, stadium 1 Mai (currently Dan Păltinişanu) is inaugurated and the team moves, playing on stadium 23 August until then (the current Știința stadium from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).

In 1966, it returns to the name of Politehnica, and the colors of the club become white-violet. White and purple Poli, the combination that will make history!

In 1969, while in Division B (for six consecutive years in D2), the club changed its name again in ... Ripensia, but will return quickly, in the same year, to the name Politehnica.

In 1974, Poli loses the finals of the Romanian Cup, as will be the case in 1981, 1983 and 1992.

The last trophy obtained so far by the Timisoara football was conquered by Poli, the Romanian Cup in 1980, 2-1 (after extensions) with Steaua. Thus, in the same year, the white-violet team participated in the Cup of Cups, where they eliminated the famous Scottish Celtic Glasgow club, the former CCE winner.

Poli will also participate in the European Cups in 1981, 1990 (eliminating Atletico Madrid) and 1992 (1-1 with Real Madrid!).

In 1997, the student club was downgrading from the first division, then, in 2002, it was abolished.

Its tradition is continued today by ASU Politehnica, a club belonging to UPT, the one that had set up, in 1921, Politehnica Timișoara Sporting Society...

Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
Școala Sportivă Politehnica la 97 de ani de la înființare
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