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Anniversary messages of economic partners

Anniversary messages of economic partners

sent on the occasion of the Centenary of the institution

16 November 2020





The management of Politehnica University Timișoara thanks all the economic partners for the wishes sent on the occasion of the Centenary of the institution. You are more than just partners, you are true friends of Politehnica, we grew together, we evolve together and we want to maintain the same good collaboration relations in the future.

Christian von Albrichsfeld - Continental România

Even before coming to Romania, I knew that UPT is a strategic partner for Continental, right from the establishment of the company in Timisoara, in 2000. Collaboration and partnership with academia, with UPT in particular, have always have been a pleasure for me. I have many fond memories of the activities and projects we did together. Together we developed projects for students such as summer internships, diploma projects, private scholarships, we participated in the creation of new master programs, we equipped laboratories, we collaborated on research and development projects, we were partners in European projects, etc. I am especially content to have contributed to the introduction of new specializations in UPT's master's programs, starting with Automotive Embedded Software in 2001, and up to Cyber ​​Security, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing in 2020.

The most important aspect, however, is that we are partners! Direct communication, constructive feedback, and new ideas are a normality in the relationship between Continental and Politehnica University Timisoara. The creation of the Steering Committee, in which industry representatives are invited to help define the UPT strategy, propose projects and actively participate in the success of the university is the best example of this and I am proud to be a member of it since its inception. It is always a pleasure to work on joint projects, to interact with teachers and students, and to run projects!

Happy birthday, UPT!



Dan Bedros - Thales Romania

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!
A university that had personalities like Traian Lalescu no longer needs any presentation.

A university that turns 100 years old no longer needs any proof of resilience.
A university that has made an entire city feel alive no longer needs any recognition of its significance.
And then, on the 100th anniversary, what is worth talking about?

Certainly about the exceptional teaching staff, which over time has found and maintained its place in the country's engineering and pedagogical elite. These professors trained thousands and thousands of people in the engineering sciences, "exporting" the skills of Romanian engineering to all corners of the world. The fact that a significant number of teachers from "Poli" are valuable members of the Romanian Academy and some reputable international institutions is clear proof of value.

The significance of Politehnica in Timișoara comes from the thousands of graduates who powered and still do, the industrial giants of the city. Whether it was ELBA, AEM, ELECTROTIMIȘ, UMT, then Alcatel, Siemens, Solectron and now Nokia, Continental, or Hella, these industrial giants (to name only a few) have massively influenced the economic landscape of the region and even the country.

And none of the mentioned technological successes would have been possible without the Polytechnic School, without the dedication and skill of the teachers from "Poli".

But "Politehnica Timisoara" has always meant more than a school, it has meant a free spirit, a desire for better, an aspiration to the heights.

Be it in sports, with our mantra "one is Poli Timișoara", be it in research, with the premiere represented by the MECIPT computer, or be it at the Revolution of '89, the spirit of Politehnica had been for the past 100 years , and is still one with the spirit of Timisoara.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!



Florin Costin Ciocan - Nokia Romania

  Life is like a train journey - stations are crossroads, trains are opportunities that come and go.
  In 1996, I faced the most important decision: where to go to university and in which field.
  After almost 25 years, I can say with satisfaction that I made the right choice and took the right trains: Timisoara - Politehnica - Electronics and Telecommunications!
  Politehnica Timișoara was a cornerstone of my professional future. After graduating,  I decided to support the university to the best of my ability and to contribute in a way to the training of future generations of engineers. I managed to do so for over a decade as an Ecosystem & Innovation Manager at Nokia Romania.

Thank you, Politehnica University Timisoara!

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!
Vivat, crescat, floreat!


Gheorghe Cocian - ELBA

Starting with 1962, when I stepped shyly into Politehnica University Timișoara, my soul had resonated with this prestigious institution. I was part of the university as a student, an ordinary Timisoara resident, and a member of the Steering Committee, the timid relationship from the beginning turned into a close collaboration.
When I was a student, I had exceptional teachers and tutors: Academician Drăgulescu, Academician Cișman, Professor Ostrogovici, Professor Nanu, Professor Gropșanu, etc. who trained us as future engineers, but also instilled in us a love for culture and humanity, because that's what Politehnica is - a shaper of souls and characters. Politehnica University Timișoara has a special role in the development of the Romanian society, on one hand through the prestige created in the 100 years of uninterrupted activity, through the internationally recognized special teachers, and, on the other hand, through the appreciated graduates who work all over the world.

For me, it was a special opportunity to be proven that the Timișoara Polytechnic School has a future as long as it is run and supported by people of high professional standing and, last but not least, character trainers. I was, am, and will always remain close to the school that trained me.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!



Ioan Silviu Doboși - Dosetimpex

Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear professors, dear students, members of the UPT academic community,

I am honored to send my message as a graduate of the 1988 class of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Installations, on the Centenary of Politehnica University Timișoara.
I reminisce fondly about the hours spent in the reading rooms, in the amphitheaters, laboratories, on the sports fields, and the student campus.

I thank the teachers who passionately dedicated their profession to offer us, the graduates, science, knowledge, education, training, and responsibility.

The spirit that dwells between the walls of the University and the tradition given by the 100 years of existence are two fundamental values ​​that marked my professional career.

The memories from 1979-1989, related to the Caragiale-ology Studio, the theater club of the Faculty of Civil Engineering are unforgettable.

I have been an associate professor of Politehnica since 1993. I remain civically involved in everything that means the Steering Committee, the Politehnica Foundation, and the men's handball team SCM POLITEHNICA Timișoara, which, in 2019, after 33 years, won the Romanian Cup.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!



Romulus Lucaciu – ETA-2U

Thank you, Politehnica, for contributing to what we have achieved today!

But if I think about it, it was not the walls that made this school, but you, those before you and those who will follow you.

To all those who have raised it over the years to the position it enjoys today, I sincerely wish you:

Happy Birthday! And health! And long days! And stamina!


Sorin Maxim - The Agency for Regional Development - West

I am glad that I have the honor to congratulate Politehnica University Timișoara on this anniversary moment, a school defined by the successes of its graduates. Today, they are renowned engineers in the world's leading companies, nationally and internationally recognized researchers, prestigious academics, inventors, successful business people, and the list goes on. They are all the result of a rigorous educational process, with an emphasis on quality, research, development, and innovation.

Congratulations to the teachers and management who are constantly challenging the future and adapting to changes in the labor market, investing in research, and promoting excellence! Congratulations to the UPT graduates who contribute to the promotion of Timisoara, the West Region, and Romania through their successes!

I am convinced that Politehnica University Timișoara will continue to be a moral and professional landmark,  a driver of development in our region, and a role model for Romanian higher education.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!


Horațiu Moldovan - Lasting Group

  „The city gravitates around the University”

  Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!



Gelu Murariu - HELLA România

For 100 years, Politehnica University Timisoara has been supporting technical education and offering education through innovation. It preserved and consolidated the tradition of Romanian education and, at the same time, opened new paths, introduced new challenges, and paradigms in education. Thanks to the graduates of the technical university of Timisoara, it was possible to develop the industrial environment in the west of the country, a nationally and globally relevant environment nowadays.

The centennial anniversary happens in a time that tests the power of tradition and the ability to be resilient and to reinvent ourselves, to generate change. Together we can identify opportunities and create value for the community: teachers, students, graduates, creative and passionate, expert, and innovative mentors. Today we celebrate the results of the many generations before us. Let's do it looking to the future, imagining what we could leave to those who will celebrate the second centenary, and finding solutions for this to happen.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!


Mihai Muțiu – HR Consultant

I started university in 1976 in a school whose beginnings I did not know because they were not presented to us. I had no idea in 1981, when I was graduating as an engineer, that I was starting the 6th decade of the school's life, nor how much was invested in us.

The contact with Western companies, the situations I was exposed to after 1990, made me realize why I had an exceptional education and start to trust myself. After high school in the special physics class of Professor Emeritus Alfred Schüszler, Politehnica was a natural, happy, and instructive continuation.

Please remember a few names: Nicolae Neamțu, Bernhard Rothenstein, Ioan Naforniță, Gheorghe Gherman, Josef Hoffmann, Tiberiu Mureșan, Mircea Chivu, Sorin Fericean, Anton Policec, Vasile Stoica ... They guided my way to this one-hundredth year of Polytechnic School, through everything they taught me.

I stayed constantly next to this dear school that gave me almost everything I needed to get where I wanted, I knew and I could.

Thanks, UPT!

Happy birthday, UPT!


Sever Scridon - Beespeed Automation

UPT was created to fulfill the dream of those in the historical region of Banat. That dream was having an environment in which to transpose the knowledge and technical ideas that the brilliant minds of the time had, wanted and managed to demonstrate and validate in time.

Since its establishment in 1920, there has been a rapid development of the Polytechnic School - as it was known at the beginning, from a minimum of specializations existing in the early years to a real range of faculties with specializations and top study programs, recognized both locally, regionally and nationally but also internationally, being the main source of talent for the regional development pole in the automotive field now existing in Timisoara.

I can only believe that this anniversary year, which confirms the trend, will be followed by equally good years, with development and recognition both locally and European and globally and that, on the next centenary, future generations will acknowledge and be as proud as we are now of what their predecessors have accomplished.

Happy birthday, Politehnica University Timisoara!


Sabin Totorean – Nokia România

Dear Mr. Rector, associate professor eng. Florin Dragan, Ph.D.,
Dear Mr. President of the Senate, prof. eng. Radu Vasiu, Ph.D.,

I have the great pleasure and honor to send you, on behalf of Nokia Romania and mine, the most sincere congratulations on the 100th anniversary of Politehnica University Timisoara. In the more than 25 years of collaboration, Politehnica University Timisoara has proved to be a remarkable partner for our company, both for the students we enthusiastically train together and for the research and development opportunities that this collaboration offers.

A large number of graduates of Politehnica University Timisoara who are employed at Nokia Romania have contributed over the years to the development of the latest technologies in telecommunications worldwide and have taken their knowledge, gained on the benches of the university, to over 150 countries, where they contributed to the building of telecommunications networks and were the messengers of Romania, of the Romanian school and the Timișoara polytechnic school.

Thank you for this collaboration, which we want to continue at least at the same level and we wish you continued great success throughout the activity!

Please send our message to the Senate and the entire academic community of Politehnica University Timisoara and wish everyone, from Nokia Romania and me, sincere congratulations and much success!



Ilie Vlaicu – Aquatim

A person wearing a suit and tieDescription automatically generatedPolitehnica University has always meant enormously for the modern history of Timisoara. After all, the outline of our city is given by the very 100 years that have passed since the establishment of Politehnica. Not only am I honored to be part of the great and powerful family of Timisoara engineers, but I am obliged by this affiliation to support my School in which I trained as a specialist and intellectual. It is the time to invoke the engineer Stan Vidrighin, who created, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the modern water supply and sewerage network of the city, being also a founding member of Politehnica. We can say that we have a common history, which honors us, but which also motivates us in our effort to add value to the community in which we live. Aquatim, the company where I have been working for over two decades, is the partner of Politehnica University in collaborations aimed at research in the vast and important field of water and its technologies, as well as in the implementation of the results obtained.

We wish many years ahead for our University, for those who were its students and are its friends, for those who are its students and professors!




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