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The Alliance of Technical Universities from Romania reunited at Iasi

The Alliance of Technical Universities from Romania reunited at Iasi
18 July 2017






The Alliance of Technical Universities from Romania




On period July 05-07, 2017, the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University in Iași hosted the meeting of the technical universities leaders in the country, reunited in the Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities (ARUT). The following also participated as guest speakers: Prof. Eng. Lucian GEORGESCU Ph.D., Minister of Research and Innovation, Prof. Eng. Iordan PETRESCU Ph.D., President of A.R.A.C.I.S., and Professor Claudia POPESCU Ph.D., President of C.N.F.I.S.

The following were discussed and debated:

  1. The proposal of the Ministry of National Education on "Methodology of classification of universities and ranking of study programs". The Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities appreciates the initiative of the Ministry of National Education to set up working groups to establish a methodology for the classification of universities and the hierarchy of study programs. ARUT members have proposed several measures for an objective and transparent classification of universities, including:
  • Identify and use criteria and indicators that use both internal and external sources, transparent and publicly accessible;
  • Institutional self-evaluation data communicated by universities must be published on a dedicated MEN website for validation through the legal procedures in force. For the validation of the data an appropriate time interval must be ensured;
  • The use of absolute universally-sized indicators as an indication of the institutional capacity to produce results (e.g number of publications, citations in the literature, interdisciplinary publications, patents and revenues from external and internal sources etc) be supplemented by adding each type of indicator and the values calculated by reference to the total number of academic and research staff ("per capita") as an indication of the performance, dynamics and efficiency of the activity;
  • Removing from the evaluation set, dates that may lead to major errors and distortion of appreciation (e.g., publications by groups of thousands or hundreds of authors and their associated evaluation results).
  1. The proposal of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) regarding the evaluation methodology of doctoral schools and doctoral studies and it was proposed to modify and restructure the sets of standards, indicators, and criteria according to the doctoral studies considered distinctly from the license and for the master. In the context of the approval by the Romanian Senate of the Draft Law on the approval of GEO no. 96/2016, aspects of the assessment of doctoral schools will again be subject to changes in approach, thus prolonging the blockage and confusion in this area. ARUT expresses concern about delaying the completion of these regulations and demonstrates its readiness to participate in the evaluation of doctoral assessment papers.
  2.  The analysis of the conditions in which the scientific research activity takes place in universities, its impact on the international and national level and its major importance in the technical and economic progress of the Romanian society as a whole.

Universities members of Alliance express their conviction that the proposals put forward by the Minister for Research and Innovation (funding by core programs at institutional level to develop and strengthen the research capacity of universities and the contribution of academic research to delivering on the national strategic program Research and development-innovation, targeting 1% of taxes to all public and private companies to support research activities, eliminating tax on research activities) will be regulated in a legislative way so that they can become operational and produce expected effects in the near future.

  1.  ARUT requests that in the CNFIS (National Council for Higher Education Financing) methodology to allocate budgetary funds for additional financing of Romanian higher education institutions based on quality criteria and standards (C2.3 Performance of scientific activity / artistic creation ) To be considered outside the magazines listed in the red and yellow areas and those published in the ISI indexed journals or conferences.
  2.  A series of organizational measures have been adopted for a better functioning of the Alliance, such as: setting up working committees, launching joint programs in the field of education, research, promoting engineering sciences, strengthening the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, etc.
  3. It also reiterated the importance to be given to technical higher education from Romania and the request addressed to the Ministry of National Education and the Government of Romania on the need to address the current policies in the field of higher education in full agreement with the objectives assumed in the National Strategy for Romanian Tertiary  Education  2015 "2020". The Correlation of the current supply of tertiary education with the needs of the labor market, training of highly specialized and skilled labor force are essential conditions for the development and competitiveness of the Romanian economy.
ARUT - Iași iulie 2017
ARUT - Iași iulie 2017
ARUT - Iași iulie 2017
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