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The first football student club from Timișoara - 96 years since its inception

The first football student club from Timișoara - 96 years since its inception

December 4, 1921

4 December 2017






96 years ago, on 4 December 1921, the General Assembly of the Politehnica Sports Society Timișoara was organized, this being the official date of birth of the most beloved football club in Banat, even if the foundations of a sports club of the students from Timișoara were put since 1920, at the instigation of the mathematician Traian Lalescu.

At the last match played by Politehnica Timişoara on December 2, 2017, with Dacia Unirea Braila, a match won by Timisoara with 2-1, the Polytechnics Gallery, the famous Druckeria, marked the anniversary by a huge banner to remind the 96 years of white-violet history, with the message "We keep history and tradition."

In fact, the supporters have always been beside the team, both for good and for hard. "I want to thank supporters for the support they have given to the team throughout this season. I want to thank them for having been with us, feeling them with us, supporting us in difficult moments. And thanks to them we have this place in the ranking", said Coach Bogdan Andone.

Perhaps POLI did not have the shine of the Chinese or the Ripensia. The weight of the student club was not measured in cups, medals, and diplomas. Instead, POLI had, in its entire existence, something that made it special in the general landscape of Romanian football: THE PASSION. A noble, disinterested, endless feeling. A "good" that cannot buy world-class celebrities and cannot be included in any licensing file, but which few clubs in the world can afford or claim them. Maybe Napoli, maybe Marseille, maybe Liverpool. Cities that, like Timișoara, that live in two colors. Cities for which the team means everything and supporters dedicate it all the time between birth and death.

The heart of Timișoara pulsates a purple blood, stemming from the intention of Traian Lalescu, the first rector of the Politehnica School. The pen of the reputed mathematician gave Timisoara a new identity, a state of mind, a symbol.

For all the joys that you gave us, because you were born and because you exist, Happy Birthday, POLI! ", says the rector of Politehnica University Timișoara, Prof. Eng. Viorel-Aurel ŞERBAN, Ph.D.

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