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The registrations for the National Mathematics Competition Valeriu Alaci have begun

The registrations for the National Mathematics Competition Valeriu Alaci have begun

It is addressed to pupils in 9th to 12th grades

8 March 2018






The "Valeriu Alaci" National Mathematics Competition, organized by the Department of Mathematics of the University Politehnica Timişoara, together with the Timiş County School Inspectorate, is addressed to pupils from the 9th to 12th grade of the state and private pre-university education units in the country, urban and rural areas, as well as pupils from other countries.

It has as main purpose the continuation of the tradition in the mathematical training of the future engineers by the illustrious forerunners among whom we mention Traian Lalescu and Valeriu Alaci. This sound mathematical training was the basis for the brilliant results obtained by graduate engineers at the Politehnica University Timișoara and for the achievement of a special prestige of it at European and world level.

The registrations for the 4th edition of the contest are made online, by March 19, 2018, based on a valid e-mail address. By accessing the official website of the competition, www.concursulvaleriualaci.upt.ro, each participant will fill out an application form containing the first and last names, the school unit in which he studies, the city, the county, the class, the profile / specialization, the mathematics note in the semester 1, Valid email, Teacher. Three days after the end of the sign-up period, each registered participant will receive an email informing him of his username and an initial password with which he will have access to the online contest platform www.cv.upt.ro.

For each of the 9th to 12th grades, the Mathematics Competition "Valeriu Alaci" has two sections: mathematics-computer science, respectively natural sciences or science of technology/economics.

The competition has two stages: the qualifying stage and the final stage.

  • The qualification round will take place on 28 March 2018, 18-20 hours. It is an online test on the www.cv.upt.ro platform.
  • The final stage will take place on April 21, 2018, between 10:00 and 13:00. It is a written test that will take place in the amphitheaters of the Politehnica University Timișoara.

For the contest, each participant logs on March 28, 2018, before 18:00, on the www.cv.upt.ro platform, with username and password. The topics will be automatically accessible at the scheduled time for the start of the contest, 6:00 PM. Each participant will only be able to access the test corresponding to his own class and specialization. The test includes 12 grid problems with seven answers, with only one correct answer.

Once the issues have been resolved, the participant will end the contest using the Reply button. Replies can only be sent once. If no response has been sent to the end of the sample, it will be automatically sent at the time of the sample closure. The minimum qualifying score at the Final Stage is 70 points.

Qualified participants at the Final Stage of the "Valeriu Alaci" Mathematics Competition will be announced by e-mail and on the platform/site of the contest and have the obligation to confirm the participation in the final stage of the contest.

One of the followers of Traian Lalescu's spirit in the Politehnica Timișoara was the mathematician Valeriu Alaci (1884-1955). Bachelor of Mathematics in 1909 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Bucharest, Valeriu Alaci supported his doctoral thesis at the same university, his scientific leader being Traian Lalescu. Starting on November 1, 1921, Valeriu Alaci was appointed temporary teacher at the newly established Polytechnic School of Timisoara and a definitive teacher on January 1, 1925, following Traian Lalescu's chair.

An important activity of Professor Alaci is related to the RMT, the Mathematics Magazine of Timișoara, founded by Traian Lalescu in 1921. During 1922-1949, as editor-in-chief, he managed to raise the interest in mathematics among many generations of young people. Here he publishes most of his works, one of the most important being Trigonometry Square.

Valeriu Alaci was a permanent member of the "Scientific Society of the Politehnica School of Timișoara", founded in 1923, and his president since 1930. Valeriu Alaci led and coordinated the specialized journal "Bulletin Scientifique de l'École Polytechnique de Timișoara "(1933-1937).


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