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UPT - world leaders in engineering rankings

UPT - world leaders in engineering rankings

UPT - world leaders in engineering rankings

4 April 2019






Politehnica University Timisoara is becoming more and more present in the international charts and thus confirms its status as an institution of excellence in education and research. US News published the 2019 ranking in engineering, Politehnica University Timișoara being included for the first time in this world ranking of higher education institutions.

Classification in the field includes, in the US News vision, publications that use mathematics and science to design, construct and use structures, equipment and systems in areas such as aerospace, electrical, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, nuclear power, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. The indicators behind the classification include the total number of publications in engineering, the normalized impact of citations, the total number of citations, the number and percentage of publications that are among the 10% most cited, the number and percentage of publications produced by international collaboration, the number and percentage publications that are among the 1% most cited, global and regional reputation (both based on surveys of expert opinions).

Scoring based on these indicators puts UPT at No. 582 worldwide, out of about 9,000 universities with engineering and research programs in the portfolio, an important contribution to this position being made by a reputation at regional level (Europe, 45th place) and globally (415th place). Noteworthy is that only 800 universities (out of 9,000 existing) have been included in the US News ranking, with the selection being based on the number of articles published over a 5-year period (minimum 350 published articles).

The QS classification (Quacquarelli Symonds World University Rankings, www.topuniversities.com), 2019 edition, by fields of science has also been released. Four indicators are used to determine this:

  • Academic reputation (global survey, about 84,000 respondents);
  • Graduate reputation (global survey, about 43,000 responses from employers or specialists in company recruitment structures);
  • The total number of citations per total of articles published in a field of science;
  • Hirsch index (H-index) of the institution (number "x" of articles with a number of citations at least equal to this number "x").

The share of these indicators in the total score differs from one domain to another, but in general the academic reputation has a weight of 40% and the other 3 indicators have a weight of 20% each.

This year, UPT has been included in the rankings on two areas of engineering, with an established history in Timisoara:

  • in mechanical engineering, aeronautics and manufacturing engineering, UPT is among the top 350 universities globally and places 1-2 in Romania, on a par with Politehnica Bucharest;
  • in electrical and electronic engineering, positioning is among the top 500 universities globally and third place nationwide.

9 universities were considered in Romania, but only 4 were classified.

In mechanical engineering, QS ranking positions UPT  ahead of traditional universities: Poznan, University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology, Universite of Technologie, Troyes (UTT), University of Science and Technology Beijing, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Technische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg, Illinois Institute of Technology, Kyushu Institute of Technology.

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