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UPT and capitalizing on the cultural heritage of the Danube

UPT and capitalizing on the cultural heritage of the Danube

DANUrB+ project

1 October 2020






The DANUrB+ project funded by the Interreg Danube Transnational Programme was launched on 1st July 2020 to foster resilient use of cultural heritage and resources of the peripheral and border regions along the Danube. In 30 months, it will create new opportunities for attractiveness in selected settlements and shrinking areas and activate underused cultural heritage to strengthen the Danube cultural identity. The project activities will further develop a "Danube brand" for cities, provide an opportunity for the better monitoring of tourist movements and spending, and support the existing Cultural Routes. DANUrB+ will add value to the Danube cultural identity through planned events such asDanube Days, various publications including an Atlas of DANUrB+ towns and a documentary movie. To increase the value of the cultural heritage along the Danube, the project will increase the capacity of local stakeholders for cooperation at local and interregional level.

Politehnica University Timisoara is the coordinator of activities in the middle section of the Danube, together with the University of Belgrade, being responsible for carrying out the following activities: organizing meetings, discussions, analyzes, collaborations with local partners in the Danube area, of potential partners, conducting training and improvement sessions of local cultural economic initiatives, facilitating the formation of interregional cooperation networks, facilitating the development of competitive regions, organizing study visits in regions that have overcome similar problems with local partners.

A significant aspect is the creation of a database reflected in an Atlas of the Danube regions, focusing on settlements, culture and local values ​​and conducting an analysis of local heritage with the potential to facilitate the development of the region. Also, together with partners, UPT will be the developer of a regional development strategy, complemented by local plans and technical documentation for a local objective, in order to access external financing.

The expected result is an increase in local development and international tourist attractiveness. The DANUrB+ project has 4 pillars: Research, Planning tools, Education, and Action. Five universities from different countries will participate in spatial tourism planning and research.Professional tourism organisations will collaborate with educational institutions in providing knowledge about tourism clusters and economy, whereas other NGOs will manage activities involving local stakeholders aimed at initiating heritage revitalisation projects. Partners from a total of six countries will work together to promote the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources in the Danube communities. The school program of the project will educate young people about cross-cultural values, encouraging them to discover and appreciate the heritage connected to the Danube river.

The DANUrB+ partnership consists of 17 ERDF, including Politehnica Timișoara University, 2 IPA consortium partners and 23 associated strategic partners from 6 countries. 10 consortium partners were already part of the DANUrB project including the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (HU) acting again as lead partner. The involvement of new partners will further contribute to the shaping of a new Danube cultural identity which is the main goal of the DANUrB+ project.

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