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Vietnamese recognition of Politehnica Timisoara

Vietnamese recognition of Politehnica Timisoara

Former students of the Polytechnic Institute "Traian Vuia"

14 August 2018






On August 14, 2018, a group of Vietnamese people visited Politehnica University Timisoara. Out of the group of 20 people, 16 are former students of the Polytechnic Institute "Traian Vuia", as the institution was called between 1969 and 1974 when they were studying in Timisoara. Of these, 5 graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering and 11 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

They remembered, on this occasion, with their Romanian colleagues, the pleasant moments during their studies, reminisced of the teams formed between the Romanian and Vietnamese students to learn Romanian, which, although they have not been using for the past 40 years, they are still speaking very well. Moreover, the former Vietnamese students, some of them now in important positions in their state, have only words of praise for the Polytechnic School in Timişoara.

At that time, the Vietnamese state, destroyed by war, needed specialists to put effort in the country's reconstruction. The Communist regime of Romania at that time accepted the studies, and now the Vietnamese state wishes to express its gratitude to those who helped when they were most in need. Therefore, medals will be awarded next year, even if some of them post-mortem, to those who helped them during their studies, among them being the then rector of Politehnica, Ioan Anton, or renowned professors such as Coriolan Dragulescu or Vasile Cocheci.

The Vietnamese guests and their Romanian colleagues recalled the halls of the current UPT Rectorate where they studied or passed exams more than 40 years ago, all promising to see each other again next year when they will be celebrating 45 years since their graduation .

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