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The Doctoral Dissertations Defense Schedule - IOSUD-UPT


Andrei Lucian CRĂCIUN   - Materials Engineering

08.05.2018, ora 11.00, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, Str. Revoluției, nr.5, Sala F0-1

Doctoral thesis title: Research on the use of composite materials in vehicle braking systems

Doctoral committee:
                      President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Teodor HEPUȚ
                      PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Caius PĂNOIU
                       Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Ioan VIDA-SIMITI
                                             Prof.Phd.Eng. Mircea Horia ȚIEREAN
                                             Prof.Phd.Eng. Ana Virginia SOCALICI            

Simona IVAȘCU (RUS) - Engineering and Management

04.05.2018, ora 11.00, Faculty of Management in Production and Transportation, Str. Remus, nr.14, Sala A1

Doctoral thesis title: Banking development strategy following the economic and financial crisis
Doctoral committee:
                      President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Anca DRĂGHICI
                      PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng.Ec. Marian Liviu MOCAN
                       Referents:   Prof.Phd.Ec. Marilen Gabriel PIRTEA
                                             Prof.Phd.Eng.Ec. Laura BACALI
                                             Prof.Phd.Eng. Lucian-Ionel CIOCA





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