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The Doctoral Dissertations Defense Schedule - IOSUD-UPT



Cristina-Daniela PĂCURAR (DÎMPU) -  Materials Engineering

09.07.2019, ora 11.00, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, Str. Revoluției, nr. 5, sala F01

Doctoral thesis title: Research regarding the influence of the metallic charge upon reducing the specific consumption and the degree of pollution at electric mills

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Caius PĂNOIU
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Teodor HEPUȚ
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Nicolae CONSTANTIN
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Valeriu Gabriel GHICA
                                           Assoc.Prof.Phd.Eng. Mircea NICOARĂ

Theoharis BABANATSAS -  Industrial Engineering

09.07.2019, ora 10.00, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, B-dul Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1, sala 115

Doctoral thesis title: Integrating robotics elements into a system for harvesting olives

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Anca DRĂGHICI
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng.Ec. Dumitru ȚUCU
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Ion SĂRĂCIN
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Liviu GACEU
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Mihai Sorin Adam JĂDĂNEANȚ

Norbert KAZAMER -  Materials Engineering

09.07.2019, ora 10.00, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, B-dul Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1, sala 150

Doctoral thesis title: Development, optimization and characterization of NiCrBSi-TiB2 vacuum fused flame-sprayed coatings

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Inocențiu MANIU
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Viorel-Aurel ȘERBAN
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Corneliu MUNTEANU
                                           Dr.rer.nat. Gabriela MĂRGINEAN
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Ion MITELEA

Andreea-Emeline GABOR  -  Chemical Engineering

05.07.2019, ora 10.00, Biblioteca Centrala a UPT, B-dul Vasile Pârvan, nr. 2B, Amfiteatrul K1

Doctoral thesis title: Advanced materials chemically modified through functionalisation with application in environmental protection

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Nicolae VASZILCSIN
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Corneliu Mircea DAVIDESCU
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Cantinca SECUIANU
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Petru ILEA
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Francisc PETER



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