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History highlights

1920 The Polytechnic School of Timisoara is established by the Royal Decree No 4822 on November 11, 1920
1920 The Polytechnic School Sports Society is founded
1921 The Polytechnic Board for Professional Improvement is appointed by Decree No 365/1921
1921 The first Year-Book of the Polytechnic School is issued
1921 The first series of public, scientific and general information conferences is set up The Polytechnic School Student Society is set up
1921 The `Mathematics Magazine of Timisoara` (RMT) is founded under the supervision of professor Traian Lalescu, the rector of the Polytechnic School
1923 The Pavilion of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is inaugurated on November 11
1923 The Scientific Society of Polytechnic School is founded. In 1925 it publishes the first issue of the `Buletin Scientifique de l`Ecole Politechnique de Timisoara
1923 The Student Mathematics Society is set up. Three villas for the teaching staff are opened within the area of the Polytechnic School
1924 The Polytechnic School confers its first graduate degrees
1927 The first Congress of the Polytechnic School Graduate Engineers is organised
1927 The first Hall of Residence for 220 students is opened
1930 The students` canteen is opened
1933 Two distinctive faculties are created: The Faculty of Electro-Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy
1934 The Mathematics Professors Association is set up
1935 The Polytechnic School is given the right to award the `Doctor Engineer` degree, but it is approved by the Board of Professional Improvement only in 1937
1937 The `Politehnica` Sports Centre is set up
1938 The Academy of High Agronomic Sciences of Cluj is converted into a faculty and subordinated to the Polytechnic School until 1945
1939 The first `Doctor Engineer` degree is awarded to professor Stefan Nadasan
1941 The Faculty of Civil Engineering is founded
1948 The Polytechnic School is renamed `The Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara`
1948 The Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara consists of four faculties (the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Chemistry) with twelve fields of specializations
1948 The `Buletin de Science et Technique de Politechnique de Timisoara` is published. Its name changes into `Bulletin of Science and Technique of the  Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara` in 1949 1952 Six-year evening courses and distance learning courses are set up
1956 The `Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara` is published
1961 The Computer Centre is founded
1962 The Faculty of Agricultural Mechanical Engineering is transferred from Craiova. It worked during the period (1962-1996).
1968 Three-year undergraduate programmes are initiated at the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
1969 Three-year undergraduate programmes are initiated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
1970 The department of Architecture is founded within the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the department of Applied Electronics within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
1970 On the occasion of celebrating its semi-centennary, the institute is given the right to be called the `Traian Vuia` Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara. The Institute consists of 5 faculties with 25 specializations for 3-year graduate engineers and 5-year graduate engineers, 537 teaching staff and 5653 undergraduates
1971 Three-year programmes are established under the patronage of the Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara in Hunedoara and Resita
1973 The Department of Prototypes and Electrical and Mechanical Microproduction starts working
1980 The Polytechnic School celebrates its 60th anniversary. The institute consists of 5 faculties with 57 specializations, 13,898 Romanian students, 1,103 overseas students, 808 teaching staff.
1991 The name of the `Traian Vuia` Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara changes into THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA
1995 The present name of THE "POLITEHNICA" UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA is adopted.
2005 The Faculty of Architecture and City Planning was founded
2011 The Faculty of Communication Sciences was founded
2013 According to the Governmental Decision no. 493/ 2013 published in the Official Journal of Romania no. 447 / 22.07.2013 UNIVERSITATEA "POLITEHNICA" OF TIMIŞOARA name is changed in UNIVERSITATEA POLITEHNICA OF TIMIŞOARA
2014 UPT's new Library was inaugurated


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