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The Doctoral Dissertations Defense Schedule 2019 UPT


Corneliu BIRTOK BĂNEASĂ -  Materials Engineering

19.04.2019, ora 11.00, Faculty of Engineering Hunedoara, Str. Revoluíei nr.5, Sala F0-1

Doctoral thesis title: Research regarding the use of advanced materials for optimizing the intake process forinternal combustion engines

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng.Caius PĂNOIU
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Teodor HEPUȚ
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Ioan VIDA-SIMITI
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Mircea-Horia ȚIEREAN
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Viorel-Aurel ȘERBAN

Diana-Maria APARASCHIVEI - Chemical Engineering

19.04.2019, ora 10.00, Biblioteca UPT, B-dul Vasile Pârvan, nr. 2B, Amfiteatrul K1

Doctoral thesis title: Synthesis, characterization and degradation of new oligoesters from renewable raw materials

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Nicolae VASZILCSIN
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Francisc PETER
                     Referents:   C.Ș.I.Phd.Eng. Carmen Gabriela BOERIU
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Monica Ioana TOȘA
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Corneliu Mircea DAVIDESCU

Dan IDICEANU-MATHE - Architecture

16.04.2019, ora 13.30, Biblioteca UPT, B-dul Vasile Pârvan, nr. 2B, Sala CA2

Doctoral thesis title: Georges Cristinel - The Architect of the Transition Abstract of PhD Thesis

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Arh. Smaranda Maria BICA
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Arh. Teodor Octavian GHEORGHIU
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Arh. Nicolae LASCU
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Marius MOȘOARCĂ
                                           Assoc.Prof.Phd.Arh. Șerban Dragoș Ion ȚIGĂNAȘ

Dumitru Sorin URLAN -  Materials Engineering

08.04.2019, ora 15.00, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, B-dul Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1, Sala 150

Doctoral thesis title: Contributions on the fusion welding process of Duplex stainless steels

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Inocențiu MANIU 
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Ion MITELEA
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Ion VIDA-SIMITI 
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Brândușa GHIBAN
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Viorel Aurel ȘERBAN

Ovidiu MICȘA  -  Architecture

15.03.2019, ora 15.00, Rectoratul Universității Politehnica Timișoara, Piața Victoriei nr. 2, et.1, Sala mică a Senatului

Doctoral thesis title: Studies on the perception of built space. Photography as instrument for mental representation of architecture

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Arh. Ioan ANDREESCU
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Arh. Smaranda Maria BICA
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Habil.Arh. Virgil POP
                                          Prof.Phd.Habil. Camil MIHĂESCU
                                          Assoc.Prof.Phd.Arh. Francoise PAMFIL
Assoc.Prof.Phd.Arh. Ștefan GHENCIULESCU

Traian Aurel BENA  -  Materials Engineering

04.03.2019, ora 10.00, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, B-dul Mihai Viteazu, nr. 1, Sala 150

Doctoral thesis title: Influence of the microstrucrure on cavitation erosion resistance of cast iron with nodular graphite

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Inocențiu MANIU
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng. Ion MITELEA
Prof.Phd.Eng. Ilare BORDEAȘU
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Cristian PREDESCU
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Mircea Horia ȚIEREAN
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Corneliu CRĂCIUNESCU


Renata-Graziela BOAR  -  Computers and Information Technology

21.01.2019, ora 13.00, Faculty of Automation and Computers, B-dul Vasile Pârvan, nr. 2, Sala A109

Doctoral thesis title: Complex networks with applicability in financiar and economic analysis

Doctoral committee:
                     President:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Radu-Emil PRECUP
                     PhD adviser: Prof.Phd.Eng.Horia CIOCÂRLIE
                     Referents:   Prof.Phd. Ioan TALPOȘ NICULESCU
                                          Prof.Phd. Viorel NEGRU
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Vladimir-Ioan CREȚU

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