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Dear teachers, dear students,

I welcome you to the new academic year 2018-2019 and I am glad to meet again in this new beginning in which we leave with the desire and hope that we will rise to those who have over time brought prestige to Politehnica Timisoara in almost a century since its inception. We are also in the Centenary of Romania and we are grateful for the fact that the Great Union was the one that created the conditions for the establishment of the Polytechnic School in Timişoara. Moreover, Timisoara had until then the vocation of the city of technology, a multicultural city where the ethnicities held hands and each brought their contribution to the economic development of the area. So setting up a Polytechnic school here is not an accident but a natural consequence.

On November 5, 1919, Traian Lalescu, in an article published in the Romanian Banat, stated that "The beautiful and modern Timişoara, the most populous province of Romania after Bucharest, the industrial city of excellence does not possess any higher culture institute. The Banat Province, so advanced on the economic and social grounds, thanks to its natural wealth and industriousness, is thus, from a cultural point of view, in a situation of obvious inferiority to other Romanian provinces".

And Stan Vidrighin, Mayor of Timişoara and later rector of the School, asked the Ministry of Instruction and Religious Affairs, in a memorandum from February 27, 1920, to set up a Polytechnic school in Timişoara: "To argue the necessity of a Polytechnic school in Romania is the easiest thing ... Timisoara is an industrial center. Today it has over 60 factories. In this respect, no big city in Romania can be likened to it. Thus, Timisoara, taken in its own right, has a character per eminentiam of industrial city, has a developed economic life which is superior to other cities".

In the same year, on November 11, 1920, King Ferdinand signed the Decree Law on the establishment of the "Polytechnic School" in Timişoara on November 15, 1920. We also owe this monarch the memorable phrase spoken a few years later and which, in the meantime, became the motto of the university: "Not the walls make a school, but the spirit that reigns within".

Today we find that Timisoara is still the center of Romania's main economic development area, and this would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of the teachers, who have always held the stamp of quality of the educational act with an exigency that may have sometimes seemed to be exaggerated to the students, the students and Politehnica graduates who, however, understood the need for thorough engineering training. Over the course of time, over 125,000 graduates have carried on the spirit of Politehnica and have made a remarkable contribution to the development of research and economics, not only in Romania, but also in other parts of the world, the quality of the engineers formed in Timisoara being a business card respected and appreciated anywhere in the world. Not by accident, Politehnica University Timisoara, the oldest higher education institution in the West, is now included in the category of the most valuable higher education institutions, that of the advanced research universities and education.

The leadership of Politehnica University Timisoara has always been concerned with ensuring the best conditions for its students. Educational spaces are generous, with modernized amphitheatres, with dozens of modern laboratories for research or for putting into practice the theoretical notions learned, modernized dormitories for all its students, canteens and student restaurants, the most modern university library in the country, sports grounds like none other university has in Romania. And all these facilities are available for free to students. Moreover, Politehnica University Timisoara rewards academic performance, offering some of the largest scholarships, both from public funds and from its own incomes, to students who are remarked in their performance in education, research, volunteering or representing the university at various scientific, cultural or sports events and competitions.

The prestige enjoyed by our university is also reflected in the partnerships concluded with almost 400 universities around the world, which facilitate mobility programs for students, master students, PhD students and professors, conducting joint research projects, participating in scientific and supporting diplomas emitted by two universities.

To the "Freshmen", I wish a welcome into the big family of Politehnica. There will be a few years of work, learning, but also fun. For you, a period of events will follow. This year is the Centenary of Romania, next year we celebrate a century from Banat's annexation to the motherland. In 2020 it is the Centenary of Politehnica, and in 2021 Timisoara will be European Capital of Culture. I invite you to join the student organizations, and your older colleagues will share with you their experience, guide you during your stay and train you in the activities you organize. You each have come to our university with their dreams about the future. We will help you materialize them, build the career that you want. The future is yours!

I also welcome again in the amphitheaters the students of older years who have been concerned about the improvement of their training, which honored the university in professional, scientific or sports competitions, but also in the companies where they practice. And at this point, Politehnica University Timisoara excels. It has more than 200 business partners with whom it has signed collaboration contracts. Thus, the professional insertion of graduates is fast and close to the maximum limit. Large companies from Timisoara, but not only, to whom we thank, have come and continue to come to Politehnica, supporting the didactic activity, on the one hand by setting up some laboratories, and on the other by supporting the adaptation of the study programs to the new realities of the labor market. In this respect, the Steering Committee of Politehnica University Timisoara, which advises the management of the institution on the measures for the reform of the study programs, was established six years ago.

Dear Colleagues, Teachers and Administrative Staff, I am glad to see you in the new academic year. Thank you for the work done so far, both in teaching and in research, which led the Timişoara Polytechnic on the podium of the Romanian universities regarding the total production of scientific papers. We might be even higher if it were related to the number of teachers. Through professionalism and academic performance, you are an example to follow for our students.

As at any start, we start a new academic year with confidence and the hope that together, as a true family, we will carry on the prestige of this school and build a better future for everyone.

I wish you an academic year full of achievements, professional accomplishments and the power to succeed in everything you do!

Prof. Eng. Viorel-Aurel Serban, PhD
Rector of Politehnica University Timisoara


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