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A Learning Center for Students is set up at UPT

A Learning Center for Students is set up at UPT

A Learning Center for Students is set up at UPT

1 February 2019






Politehnica University Timişoara is supporting the students at risk of abandonment by setting up a Learning Center for Engineering Sciences which is to be created with funds from the World Bank. The main purpose of the new center is to increase the rate of graduation at the level of the bachelor cycle and to reduce school dropout.

The Learning Center, which will be set up in the ASPC building, will be established this year through a Competitive Secondary Education Project (ROSE) of the Ministry of National Education (Grant Scheme for Universities - Learning Centers, round II, with funds from the World Bank) and will function effectively from the first semester of the academic year 2019-2020.

Within the project, a modern, friendly space will be created, dedicated to ensuring optimal conditions for individual and assisted study, especially for students at risk of abandonment or non-promotion. By building this center and through the activities that will take place in these spaces, it is desirable to support the students of the first year to continue their studies and to improve the educational performance, but also to increase their capacity to overcome the critical situations and the knowledge gaps in the field of study for which they have opted.

The target group for which the project is designed is about 600 students, mostly from the first year of bachelor studies, the total value of the project being almost one million lei.

The students will be assisted by titular teachers for disciplines with a high degree of non-promotion, coaching and personal development specialists, educational and career counselors, psychologists, volunteer students (from undergraduate years, master students, doctoral students), members of the Alumni community, specialists from the economic environment, etc. There will also be a coordinator of the specific activities for each faculty within UPT (tutor).

Types of activities proposed in the project:

• support activities for accommodation,

• guidance activities,

• improvement activities,

• counseling activities of various types and coaching and personal development sessions,

• workshops in specific areas.

The realization of the center and the successful implementation of the project will be ensured by the Center for Counseling and Career Orientation of Politehnica University Timișoara and the Training Center for Teaching Staff.

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