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The interactive center of physical phenomena ExperimentariumTM


The interactive center of physical phenomena ExperimentariumTM was created through the partnership between two prestigious universities from Timisoara: Politehnica University Timisoara and West University from Timisoara. The ExperimentariumTM laboratory is addressed to young people, pupils or students, who wish to conduct the most diverse Physics experiments.

The purpose of the ExperimentariumTM center is to make science more visible, tangible and accessible through learning methods synthetized as “experience yourself”.  The proposed instruments and experiments allow the participants to become active explorers increasing their confidence in their capacity to understand the functioning of the universe.

The activity of the center promotes a culture of experimentation and cooperation, sparks the curiosity, and increases understanding and stimulated new ideas. Through experiments the participants discover and understand physics phenomena and laws.

The ExperimentariumTM center provides a great framework for socializing, groups of teenagers being able to spend some time together capitalizing their common passion for scientific knowledge. In this center, parents together with their children have the opportunity to discover together physics phenomena and discussed what they observed. The laboratory is normal part of the continuous and ongoing education process.

In this laboratory the visitors are guided through a world of experiments through a number of tutors who are ready to offer additional explanations and help in case of necessity.


Contact address: experimentariumtm@gmail.com

Phone number: 0729305693 – Professor Zeno SCHLETT, PhD

                         0721247318 – Assistant Professor Ioan DAMIAN, PhD

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