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A new premiere in Timisoara! Solutions for the complex problems of the country

A new premiere in Timisoara! Solutions for the complex problems of the country

A new premiere in Timisoara! Solutions for the complex problems of the country

23 September 2022






At the initiative of some members of the Romanian Academy who are also professors at Politehnica University Timisoara, on Thursday, September 22, 2022, in Timisoara, a working group was established with specialists in every field to create a research section or, even, a research center under the Romanian Academy in a cutting-edge field – Complex Systems. Experts in various fields – humanities, technology, engineering, economics, theoretical and applied sciences – will work together on the complex issues of the society.

The event, hosted by Politehnica University Timisoara, was organized on the same day the General Assembly of the Timisoara branch of the Romanian Academy took place. During the meeting, Dan Dubina, UPT professor, was also reconfirmed as president of the Timisoara branch of the Romanian Academy.

The working group for studying complex systems was approved by the Romanian Academy, represented by acad. Mircea Dumitru, vice-president, and acad. Dorel Banabic, president of the Technical Sciences Section, and by Politehnica University Timisoara, represented by rector assoc. prof. dr. eng. Florin Dragan, Ph.D., vice-rector prof. dr. eng. Sorin Musuroi, Ph.D., but also professors who are full or corresponding members of the Academy: Dan Dubină, Ion Boldea, Radu-Emil Precup, Ladislau Vekas, Liviu Marșavina.

Everyone present realized that the project is very complex and involves very sophisticated tools in various fields: IT, mathematics, physics, information transfer, neural networks, algorithms, databases, scalability, advanced engineering, etc. On the other hand, however, it can offer solutions to extremely complex problems in multiple fields, like smart cities, industry 4.0, the educational systems, the national energy grid, rural development, etc.

“We have this conversation between representatives of the Romanian Academy, of Politehnica University Timisoara, academics who are also UPT professors, about a very important project that we hope to implement with help from colleagues from the technical universities in Romania and the Romanian Academy. The project involves complex systems, topics that can only be tackled through multidisciplinary approaches. There are some precedents, highly successful models that were developed in the United States, and I believe that every generation must tackle topics related to complexity, topics that are connected to the life of our societies, topics related to the fields of technology and engineering, but also social, political and humanitarian. On this evening, we are having a conversation to clear up where we are standing, what we set out to do in the near and far future, and after that, through the Romanian Academy, to organize a national center in Timisoara, an institute dedicated to studying complexity problems.”, declared acad. Mircea Dumitru, vice-president of the Romanian Academy.

 "The initiative is welcome, I'm glad to participate in the first meeting to set up the group. It's a very ambitious project, which is more than multidisciplinary. The problems are to succeed in training, within the Romanian Academy, a group of specialists from very varied fields, including philosophers – because the problem is, as a concept, primarily philosophical –, mathematicians, computer scientists, who master the tools with which operate in complex systems, specialists in systems theory, stochastic process analysis methods, fields such as big data and algorithms", added acad. Dorel Banabic, president of the Technical Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy.

Acad. Dan Dubină, the president of the Timisoara branch of the Romanian Academy, said he was delighted that "we are starting a conversation to see if we can coagulate ideas to create a group, at the initiative of the Technical Sciences Section, but which is not only technical, it's a complex matter that goes from the Universe to the human body, nature, smart cities and so on. It's an idea to see to what extent, we, a smaller group, which has gathered here, together with other colleagues from the Academy and beyond, can build a department, maybe even a research center which deals, in this context, with complex systems, with society's problems."

"We are happy with this initiative. After all, Politehnica has always had a very strong connection with the Romanian Academy, and this proposal, coming from the engineering field, the technical field, is natural. Complex systems have a significant presence in society and it is necessary to have a working group to analyze them. We have always hosted such meetings, we are happy to have the initiative in creating such groups, because at Politehnica, the teaching is intertwined with the research and the Academy completes what we have meant for this city for so many years”, stressed the rector of Politehnica University Timisoara, prof. dr. eng. Florin Dragan, Ph.D.

O nouă premieră la Timișoara! Soluții pentru problemele complexe ale țării
 O nouă premieră la Timișoara!
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