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Award-winning UPT professors and researchers

Award-winning UPT professors and researchers

The first edition of the InventCor International Show

19 December 2020






The InventCor 2020 International Invention Show, which took place in Deva on December 17-19, hosted 245 inventions from 14 countries. The event was organized by the inventor Corneliu Birtok Băneasă, a teacher at the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara within Politehnica University Timișoara, and by the CorneliuGroup Research-Innovation Association. The event was online due to the safety measures imposed during the pandemic.

The show aimed at cultivating and educating the creative-innovative spirit, especially among youth, who need the power of example. "We want to nurture this creative-innovative spirit among young people. Therefore, we recognized that young people need to come into contact with this creative environment, on all levels, because, later, they will be the ones who will have their own patented inventions", said Corneliu Birtok Băneasă.

During the debates on the first day of the show, the participants proved the importance of innovation for companies, mentioning, in this context, that it will make the difference between organizations, as an element of representation of a company.

Among the participants to InventCor 2020, there were universities, research institutes, multinational companies, but also private inventors. The projects can be seen on the internet, on the Facebook page specially dedicated to the event: "InventCor2020".

Politehnica University Timisoara, the educational partner of the event, attended InventCor 2020 International Salon with 78 projects and inventions, obtaining 48 gold medals, 19 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals, as well as several special awards:

  • InventCor Special Award for Politehnica University Timisoara;
  • Popularity Award for “LIBELULA” New Nature-Inspired Cycloidal Propeller for Low-Reynolds-Number Hovering Flight, authors Francisc Bereczky, Ioan Silea;
  • Hunedoara City Award (Hunedoara City Hall) awarded to the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara;
  • ARTN Special Award (Romanian Association for Unconventional Technologies) awarded to assoc. prof. eng. Gelu Ovidiu Tirian, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara;
  • AGIR Special Award (General Association of Romanian Engineers) for Adaptive exhaust cover, authors Marinuț Gabriel Paul, Sapta Doru Ioan, Golcea Julia Daiana, Budiul Berghian Adina, Obrenovici Lavinia Ioana;
  • Homage medal to the inventor Dorel Cernomazu (Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava), awarded to the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara for supporting young people in the field of innovation and invention;
  • Lumea Educatiei Special Award for Antik Energy Tree, authors Sapta Doru Ioan, Marinut Gabriel Paul, Obrenovici Lavinia Ioana, Chira Sorina Mihaiela, Mândru Gabriel Daniel;
  • UPB Special Award (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) for Real-time intuitive lamp - RtiL, author Macarie Paul Andrei Constantin;
  • UPB Special Award (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) for CP4 experimental stand - DEXTER Laboratory, authors Tudor Dinu Ioniță, Adina Budiul Berghian, Gabriel Daniel Iordachi;
  • ANTIK Special Award for Self-Adaptive Mechanical Reducer with Variable Gear Ratio, authors Romeo Cătălinoiu, Sorin Aurel Rațiu, Imre Zsolt Miklos;
  • ANTIK Special Award for Experimental plant for resistance to thermal fatigue, author Camelia Pinca Bretotean.
Salonului Internațional InventCor
Salonului Internațional InventCor
Salonului Internațional InventCor
Salonului Internațional InventCor
Salonului Internațional InventCor
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