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Politehnica Timișoara - a step towards your future!


Politehnica Timișoara - a step towards your future!

16 March 2021


1. "Hans Fackelmann" Architecture Competition for Future Architect Students, 3rd Edition

Organizer: Faculty of Architecture and City Planning

Final stage: 24.04.2021 - practical test and interview

Details: www.vreaulaarhitectura.ro

2. IT Engineering Contest (iTEC)

Organizer: Faculty of Automation and Computers

The first stage: 26.03.2021- 28.03.2021

Final stage: 24.04.2021 - 25.04.2021

Details: https://itec.ro/

3. National competition of ideas and projects in the field of environmental protection "Ecological Education Saves the Environment - EcoSmarTim", 5th edition

Organizer: Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

Final stage: 23.04.2021

Details: http://www.chim.upt.ro/ro/evenimente/ecosmartim-educatia-ecologica-salveaza-mediul

4. The contest "Constructions - Tradition and Future"

Organizer: Faculty of Civil Engineering

Final stage: 17.04.2021

Details: https://www.ct.upt.ro/studenti/concurs/index.htm?10022020

5. The contest "Electronics between hardware and software", edition I

Organizer: Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies

Final stage: 19.04.2021 - 21.04.2021

Details: https://www.etc.upt.ro/avizier/concurs-etcti-tm/concântul-electronica-intre-hardware-si-software

6. Professional competition of ideas "Intelligent Electricity Generation IEG-2021", 10th edition

Organizer: Faculty of Electrical and Power Engineering

The final stage: 24.04.2021

Details: https://et.upt.ro/ro/content/intelligent-electricity-generation

7. The "MecArt" contest, 11th edition

Organizer: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Final stage: 17.04.2021

Details: https://mecart.lsfmt.ro/index.php

8. Communication Olympics, 5th edition

Organizer: Faculty of Communication Sciences

Final stage: 23.04.2021

Details: https://sc.upt.ro/ro/evenimente/olimpiadele-comunicarii

Details on the registration period and how to qualify for the final round can be found online on the competition websites mentioned above.

The occupants of the first, second and third places can register, without taking the admission contest, in the fields within Politehnica University Timișoara in which the obtained prizes are registered.

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