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The Grand Prize of the ProInvent 2020 Salon was won by the UPT team

The Grand Prize of the ProInvent 2020 Salon was won by the UPT team

The Grand Prize of the ProInvent 2020 Salon was won by the UPT team

25 November 2020






The inventive spirit of Politehnica University Timisoara team was recognized by winning the Grand Prize of the International Exhibition of Invention and Research ProInvent 2020, organized by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. At the current edition, Politehnica University Timisoara participated with 24 inventions, research projects, teaching stands, a spectacular increase compared to last year, when it participated with only 7 inventions.

The theme of the show was related to innovative materials, processes, and products (energy, environment, health, agriculture, resources, etc.), graphic presentations accompanied by models, prototypes, finished products, series, video presentations, as well as data on the social and financial impact of the work, enjoying the appreciation of the jury.

The specialized jury evaluated the diversity, adaptability, and practical applicability of the inventions presented by the UPT team, led by the invention salons aficionado, lecturer Corneliu Birtok-Băneasă, Ph.D., rewarding them with the Grand Prize of the Salon. The prizes obtained for each work will be sent by the organizers in the next period.

The papers presented by the team of Politehnica University Timișoara are the following:

  1. SeptoBirCor disinfectant (author: Corneliu Birtok Băneasă);
  2. Cylindrical multi-hollow briquette produced from ferrous pulverous waste (authors: Hepuț Teodor, Crișan Eugen, Ardelean Erika, Socalici Ana, Ardelean Marius);
  3. CFD-assisted analysis and optimization of the filtration module from an internal combustion engine (author: Robert Bucevschi);
  4. DRIFT Superspray Air Filter (author: Corneliu Birtok Băneasă);
  5. Educational program DEXTER's Laboratory (authors: Corneliu Birtok Băneasă, Adina Berghian Budiul, Diana Stoica, Oana Gaianu);
  6. CP4 experimental stand - DEXTER's Laboratory (authors: Tudor Dinu Ioniță, Adina Budiul Berghian, Corneliu Birtok Băneasă);
  7. Research stand designed to measure the force parameters and the length of the contact arc for symmetrical and asymmetrical longitudinal lamination (author: Vasile Alexa);
  8. Weekend Inventions - Air by Corneliu (author: Corneliu Birtok Băneasă);
  9. Teaching material The RoboFIH Team (author: Ovidiu Gelu Tirian);
  10. Semi-automatic stand for determining the defects in the assembly phase of the seat belt socket element (Vasile Alexa, Vasile George Cioată, Ioan Daniel Buta);
  11. Intelligent control system for continuous casting based on water flow control for secondary cooling (author: Gelu-Ovidiu Tirian);
  12. Adaptive exhaust cover Air by Corneliu (authors: Marinuț Gabriel Paul, Sapta Doru Ioan, Birtok Baneasa Corneliu, Golcea Julia Daiana, Budiul Berghian Adina, Obrenovici Lavinia Ioana);
  13. Antik “Energy Tree” (authors: Sapta Doru Ioan, Marinuț Gabriel Paul, Mândru Gabriel Daniel, Chira Sorina Mihaiela, Obrenovici Lavinia Ioana, Birtok Băneasă Corneliu);
  14. Electronic time relay with all the usual functions (authors: Popa Gabriel Nicolae, Popa Iosif, Deaconu Sorin Ioan);
  15. Self-Adaptive Mechanical Reducer with Variable Gear Ratio (authors: Romeo Cătălinoiu, Sorin Aurel Rațiu, Imre Zsolt Miklos);
  16. Device for reducing the microbiological load of the exhaled air by mechanically ventilated patients (authors: Ordodi Laurențiu Valentin, Dumitrel Gabriela Alina, Pană Ana-Maria, Todea Anamaria, Mâțiu-Iovan Liliana, Ionel Raul Ciprian, Săndesc Dorel, Bedreag Ovidiu Horea Marius, Rogobete Alexandru Florin, Simion Ion, Motica Alin, Groapă Dan Sergiu, Păunescu Virgil, Bojin Maria Florina, Gavriliuc Oana Isabela);
  17. Development of Experimental Laboratory of Applied Ergonomics (authors: Popa Mihaela, Topor Marcel, Dascăl Amalia);
  18. Process for the synthesis of silver nanowires coated with low-melting-point metal nanoparticles (authors: Bănică Radu Nicolae, Kellenberger Andrea Rozalia, Ursu Daniel Horațiu, Cseh Liliana, Linul Petrică Andrei, Vaszilcsin Nicolae);
  19. High quality cast iron used in rolling stock braking systems (authors: Bucur Flavius, Socalici Ana, Putan Vasile, Josan Ana);
  20. Study on the methods of recycling used engine oil (author: Diana Miruna Armioni);
  21. Application for generating 3D models of linear hydraulic motors (authors: Cioroaga Bogdan-Dorel, Cioată Vasile George, Alexa Vasile);
  22. Control method for an automatic capacitive compensator designed to improve the power factor and load balancing in three-phase four-conductor electrical networks (author: Pană Adrian);
  23. New modular design of the electrolyzer for PEM technology for high-pressure water electrolysis with a wide range of operation and low cost (PRETZEL) www.pretzel-electrolyzer.eu (authors: German Aerospace Center, Stuttgart, Germany, Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Armines, France, Politehnica University Timișoara, Romania, Adamant Composites Ltd., Greece, GKN Sinter Metals Filters GmbH, Germany, Center for Research and Technology Hellas, Thessaloniki, Greece, Soluciones Catalíticas IBERCAT SL, Madrid, Spain, iGas energy GmbH, Germany);
  24. Process for treating residues from the incineration of household waste by solidification - stabilization in ash rock (authors: Mihail Reinhold Wachter, Ioana Ionel, Adina Georgeta Negrea).
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