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The Doctoral Dissertations Defense Schedule - IOSUD-UPT


Andrei-Roman FORTON - Civil Engineering and Building Services

24.06.2021, ora 16.00 - susținere publică on line

Doctoral thesis title: Thermomechanical behaviour of bituminous materials including RAP and rejuvenator and environmental impact of their fabrication process

Doctoral committee:
                      President: Prof.Phd.Eng. Raul ZAHARIA
                      PhD adviser:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Adrian CIUTINA
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Hervé DI BENEDETTO
                      Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. María del Carmen RUBIO GAMEZ
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Mihai MARASTEANU
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Cédric SAUZÉAT

Marina-Adriana MERCIONI - Computers and Information Technology

22.06.2021, ora 12.00 - susținere publică on line

Doctoral thesis title: Improving performance of deep neural networks by developing novel activation functions

Doctoral committee:
                      President: Prof.Phd.Eng. Marius-George MARCU
                      PhD adviser:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Ștefan HOLBAN
                      Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Rodica POTOLEA
                                          Prof.Phd.Mat. Alexandru CICORTAS
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Cătălin-Daniel CĂLEANU

Gordana-Raluca BARB - Electronic Engineering Telecommunications and Information Technologies

15.06.2021, ora 11.00 - susținere publică on line

Doctoral thesis title: Performance Optimization for 5G Wireless Communication Systems

Doctoral committee:
                      President: Prof.Phd.Eng. Dan LASCU
                      PhD adviser:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Marius OTEȘTEANU
                      Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Adao Paulo Soares da SILVA
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Tudor PALADE
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Alexandru ISAR

Dumitru CIULICĂ - Electrical Engineering

28.05.2021, ora 12.00 - susținere publică on line

Doctoral thesis title: Research on optimizing the control of SCADA system upgraded stations

Doctoral committee:
                      President: Prof.Phd.Eng. Sorin MUȘUROI
                      PhD adviser:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Manuela PĂNOIU
                      Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Călin MUNTEANU
                                          Prof.Phd.Eng. Valentina Emilia BĂLAȘ
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Doru VĂTĂU

Alin Daniel GOLBAN - Chimical Engineering

07.05.2021, ora 10.00 - susținere publică on line

Doctoral thesis title: Synthesis of layered double hydroxidesfrom industrial waste with applications in advanced water treatment processes

Doctoral committee:
                      President: Prof.Phd.Eng. Nicolae VASZILCSIN
                      PhD adviser:  Prof.Phd.Eng. Rodica PODE
                      Referents:   Prof.Phd.Eng. Cristina ORBECI
                                          C.S.I.Phd.Eng. Gheorghe ILIA
                                           Prof.Phd.Eng. Florica MANEA

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