Decision of the Administration Board of Politehnica University Timisoara No. 28 / 18.05.2015 on “Increasing the quality of advanced scientific research in UPT”

only for PhD students and assistants. For details see Article 1 of HCA 28/18.05.2015

for teaching staff, researchers. PhD students and postdocs. For details see Article 2 (publication fee) and Article 3 (research support grant) of HCA 28/18.05.2015.


This programme complies with the Romanian law and regulations in force.

According to HCA 28/18.05.2015 UPT staff can apply for:

  • grants to attend scientific events (request form TYPE 1);
  • grants to cover the publishing fees for a paper accepted for publication in a journal which has an impact factor and which is indexed by Web of Science (request form TYPE 2A);
  • grants to cover future participation at scientific events, future participation/publication fees or for procurement of research materials. These grants can be requested based on the papers published after 03.12.2013 and indexed in ISI Web of Science (request form TYPE 2B).

Programme rules:

  1. All the supporting documents mentioned on the request forms are mandatory. The only supporting document accepted as proof of ISI indexing is a print from Web of Science showing that the previous edition of the conference was indexed (type 1 requests), that the previous edition of the journal was indexed (type 2A requests) or that the paper in question was indexed (type 2B requests). The supporting documents attached to the request forms will not be returned to the applicants. Do not submit original documents as supporting documents (invoices, receipts, tickets). Please make sure that all the documents you submit are legible. 
  2. Grant requests are analysed once a week. The notification of approval, of rejection, or of the need to submit extra supporting documents will be sent the the applicant by e-mail. Rejected requests are not returned to applicants.
  3. Approved type 1 and type 2A requests can be picked up from the Department for International Relations (Rectorate, Office 107, 1st floor) from Monday to Thursday before 16:00 or Friday before 13:30. The approved type 1 request and a copy of the invitation letter shall be attached to the request for the issue of the mobility order abroad, and subsequently to the financial documents. The request for issuing the mobility order abroad is submitted to the Registry Office, after filling in the section “Venituri proprii rectorat” (Rectorate's own financial resources) the mention “According to the approval XX/XX.XX.XXX ”. If the transportation to the conference venue includes a flight it is mandatory to attach to the request for issuing the mobility order abroad the form for the purchase of the plane ticket.
  4. Approved type 2B requests are kept at DRI. The approved amounts are added in the virtual accounts of each UPT author. The amounts granted to PhD students are added in the virtual accounts of their doctoral coordinators. To check the amount accrued in your account, please contact Ms Andreea Rotaru, tel: 0256-403135. To use the funds from the virtual account, the account holder will personally request the issue of a confirmation by sending an e-mail to Ms Andreea Rotaru. When a confirmation is issued, the amount requested is deducted from the virtual account. A confirmation can be used for a single set of financial documents. The necessary details for issuing the confirmation are: the name of the account holder, the amount requested, and to which purpose the funds will be used. The same pieces of information are needed to transfer the funds from one virtual account to another virtual account. If the beneficiary of the transfer does not have a virtual account, please provide his/her personal identification number as well. The currency used for all Web of Science grant accounts is EUR. If the amount requested is in another denomination, DRI will convert that amount in EUR using the official exchange rate on the day of the request. Confirmations are picked up from DRI (Rectorate, Office 107, 1st floor) and will be attached to the financial documents and to the request for issuance of the mobility order abroad (if applicable).
  5. The financial documents and invoices will be submitted to the beneficiary's department for approval. The editable expense account can be downloaded here. Under the section "Source of funding" please write "VPR". The financial documents are done in RON. ALL INVOICES MUST BE MADE FOR POLITEHNICA UNIVERSITY OF TIMISOARA - PIATA VICTORIEI NR. 2 TIMIŞOARA AND MENTION CIF 4269282 OR VAT RO23690201. The financial documents are approved by the beneficiary's department and will be submitted directly to the Financial-Accounting Division for financial processing.
  6. For more information on this program: Andreea Rotaru (requests and approvals type 1, 2A, 2B, account statements and issuance of ISI virtual account confirmations) - e-mail 


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