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Admission 2020 - PhD studies



Institutional procedure concerning the organization and deployment of admission for doctoral university studies at Politehnica University Timisoara session 2020

1.   Admission calendar (Annex 6)
2.   Form for the doctoral offer of the doctoral advisor - Annex 2 (2020, 2019)


3. Places available for admission - Annex 1


4. Registration for admission to doctoral studies
  • Enrollment ONLINE - The applicant enrolls in the computer platform http://admitere.upt.ro/phd/. After the introduction of the information provided in Annex 3, the IT platform automatically generates the registration form in PDF format. The registration form is printed and signed by the candidate.
  • The registration file for admission to doctoral studies in IOSUD-PUT shall be established in accordance with Annex 4.
  • Registration fees for organizing and conducting admission are set out in Annex 5
5. Candidates are declared admitted in accordance with - Annex 7




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