Politehnica University Timisoara

Prof.Dr.Eng.Viorel-Aurel Şerban


Curriculum vitae

The attributions of the Rector are the following:

  • Representation of the university;
  • Credit release authority of the university;
  • General coordination and operative management of the university;
  • Patrimony management and relations with the economic environment as well as the public sector;
  • Coordination of the strategic medium- and long-term development of global and sector specific policies;
  • Financial resource and policies management, institutional evaluation;
  • Scientific research, innovation, technological transfer;
  • IT infrastructure, international relations, image and communication;
  • Head of the Administration Council;
  • Coordination and control of the General Administration Division;
  • Coordination and control of the General Secretariat;
  • Coordination and administrative control of the Legal Office;
  • Coordination and control of the Internal Public Audit Division;
  • Coordination and control of the Internal Control Compartment ;
  • Coordination of the human resources development policies ;
  • Employment and dismissal of staff ;
  • Relation with employees’ syndical  and professional organizations;
  • Education process, student issues and quality assurance;
  • Relation with students’ syndical and professional organizations;
  • Relation with alumni associations.



Secretary of resort: Eng. Emiliana IELI
tel. : +40-256-403011


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