1. Nomination. Students must be nominated by their home university by e-mail at incoming@upt.ro. In the nomination e-mail the home university must specify clearly within which programme the mobility will take place (Erasmus+, CEEPUS, bilateral agreement, double-degree programme, etc.), the name and surname of the student, his/her e-mail address, the semester in which the mobility is expected to take place and the study field of the student. Late nominations and student application files that arrive after the deadlines will be processed if time allows. Please note that Politehnica University Timişoara does not accept free-movers, yet remains open to signing cooperation agreements with new institutions.

2. Student application. After the student has been nominated, he/she needs to prepare and submit the following documents:
1. Application form
2. Accomodation form. Please keep in mind that if you choose to stay in the student residence you will have to comply with the regulations of this lease contract .
3. Learning agreement - only if you come for a study mobility. Your home university will provide the form.
4. Training agreement -  only if you come for a placement mobility. Your home university will provide the form.

The application documents will be filled in and signed by each incoming student. The learning or training agreement has to be pre-approved by the home university as well. The application file will be submitted by e-mail to incoming@upt.ro. The letter of acceptance and the approved learning/training agreement will be sent by e-mail to the candidate within 5 weeks.

All incoming exchange students have to be nominated by their home university and to send their application forms before the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester: 15th of June
  • Spring semester: 15th of December

Student application files that arrive after the deadlines will be processed if time allows.


Erasmus Student Charter - This document highlights your rights and obligations and informs you about what you can expect from your sending and receiving organisation at each step of your mobility.

Information guide for international students and staff 2014-2015

Academic calendar 2014-2015 


Incoming exchange students should have a valid passport and/or identity card for the entire period of time to be spent in Timisoara:

  • Exchange students who are EU citizens do not need a visa to entry or study in Romania
  • Non-EU students must apply for a student visa at the Romanian Embassy in the country of their home university. The acceptance letter and learning/training agreement will support their visa application file. Upon arrival, all non-EU citizens have to register to the Immigration Office in Timisoara, Street Andrei Mocioni No. 8. The staff of the Department for International Relations will provide them with up-to-date information.

We encourage all incoming exchange students to apply for the European Health Insurance Card or to contract an equivalent health insurance policy before arrival. The European Health Insurance Card provides international students with the same health insurance rights and benefits as Romanian citizens. In the student campus a medical centre offers medical services to students, as well as referrals to specialists.
Politehnica University Timişoara has a limited infrastructure to welcome students with physical disabilities. Please contact us at incoming@upt.ro to check if we can offer the conditions needed for a succesfull stay of a disable student. Each case has to be analysed individually.
All Incoming exchange students should inform us at least one week in advance about their exact arrival date and time in Timişoara and make an appointment for registration. Registration is done at the International Relations Department (UPT Rectorate Building: Piata Victoriei n.2, 1st floor, office n. 105) from Monday to Thursday between 12 a.m. and 3 p.m. For registration the student will present:

  • his/her identity card or passport with the required visa for non-EU citizens
  • two identity card photos (3 cmx4 cm) for the student card
  • any documents required by the home university to be signed at arrival at the host university (certificate of attendance, learning or training agreement, etc.)


Accommodation in a student residence can be booked for all incoming international students. Incoming exchange students are hosted in student residences 11C, 8C or 14C.

For the Residence no. 11C, the address is:
Complexul Studenţesc
Street Aleea Studentilor, nr. 11C.
Contact person: Mrs. Ana CUCU, administrator

All the students are expected to arrive at the student residence from Monday till Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. If the student will arrive later or during the weekend and he/she informed our office with at least a week in advance about his/her exact arrival day and time, the student will pick up the key and entry card from Student Residence 8C (Street Aleea Studentilor, nr. 8C). To check in the student residence a copy of the identity card or passport and two small identity photos (3 cm X 4 cm) will be needed.
All student residences are situated within a walking distance from the University buildings (various faculty buildings, library, sports centers, student restaurant etc) and the city centre. There are no reservation taxes to be paid in advance. The accommodation cost will be around 50 Euro/month.

We do not advise exchange students to come to Timişoara without booking their room at least for the first month in the student residence. Finding a furnished room on the private market for a short period of time can be difficult and expensive. Our office has no possibility to find private accommodation for the students.

The accommodation conditions in student residences are as follows:

  • 2 students / room. It is not possible to pay double in order to have the room to yourself. You may request however to stay in the same room with someone you know. Male and female students are not placed in the same room unless they both request it and they are married or related.
  • Rooms have Internet connection, TV cable, fridge, furniture and bed linen. Towels or hypoallergenic pillows and duvets are not provided.
  • Students do not pay utilities.
  • Shared bathrooms, laundry rooms, reading rooms & kitchens. Irons, ironing boards, hairdryers, cooking ware and tableware are not provided.
  • Student residences have security systems which include video surveillance and entry based on electronic cards.
  • The accommodation fee will be paid monthly using a credit or debit card. It is not possible to pay the accommodation using cash.

Please note that student residences have rules. Failure to comply with the rules can generate fines, and if the offenses are repeated the student can be evicted from the residence. We strongly recommend reading the accommodation contract carefully, an English version will be provided upon check in.

Students who do not cook their own food can buy from the administrator of the residence meal tickets. Each ticket ensures one meal at a price of approx. 2 EUR. For 5 tickets, the student will pay approx. 8 EUR (1 free ticket for every 4 bought). These tickets can be used in the two student cafeterias of UPT. Most student residences have vending machines.

Life in Romania is not expensive, so an amount of 400 EUR should be more than enough. This amount would cover your accommodation, food, clothes, books, attending social and cultural events, traveling around the region.

Sample prices (1 EUR is between 4.4 and 4.5 lei):

Food and drinks:
Sesame pretzel: 1 leu
0.5 l water: 2.5 lei 
Loaf of bread: 3-4 lei
1 l milk: 4 lei
1 kg apples: 3 lei
1 kg flour: 3 lei
1 pack spaghetti: 4 lei
1 kg rice: 6 lei
1 kg chicken breast : 17 lei
6-pack beer: 12-15 lei (in supermarkets)
1 beer bottle: starting from 5 lei (in clubs, restaurants, etc.)
Fast food menu : 10-15 lei
Lunch daily offer in average restaurants: 10-15 lei
Large pizza: 20 lei
Sushi lunch: 40 lei

Opera ticket: 25 lei (with student discount)
Theater ticket: 10-15 lei (with student discount)
Museums: some are free, others offer a 50% discount for students
3-months subscription to the French Institute Mediatheque: 23 lei (with student discount)
6-months subscription to the German Cultural Center Library: 15 lei (with student discount)

Single trip bus ticket: 2 lei (regular), 2.5 lei (expres)
Clothing, shoes, electronics and books have prices similar to other EU countries.
Medical services are less expensive than in most other EU countries.


All incoming students have access free of charge to the sport facilities in the same conditions as regular UPT students. There are two sports centers: Sport Centre 1 (fitness hall, football field, running track, covered mini-football fields) and Sport Centre 2 ( indoor and outdoor swimming pools with sauna and fitness equipment; basketball and volleyball courts; football fields; bitumen and tartan tennis fields; multipurpose buildings).

The library offers access to the documentary resources and services needed for education and research. Access to the library will be offered only after registration.

The buddy programme coordinated by the Department for International Relations aims to facilitate the integration of international students in the local student life. The exchange students who submit the buddy request form will be put in contact with a local student to guide them around the city and campus, as well as to answer any questions they might have. Most local students who participate in this programme are our former Erasmus students. For details contact us at incoming@upt.ro.



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