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2007-2013 - HURO - UPT - partener



Programul de Cooperare Transfrontalieră Ungaria - România (HURO)



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Titlul proiectului

1 HURO/0901/274/2.2.2   Isolation, enantioselective synthesis and structure elucidation of heterocycles with potential
  pharmacological activity - Heterocycles
2 HURO/1001/283/2.3.1   Cross border academic development of an image-based recommendation system for regional
  educational purposes - PASSHOUSE
3 HURO/1001/232/2.2.2   Study of the interaction of toxic constituents with biomolecules towards application in environmental
  analysis - METCAP
4 HURO/1001/193/2.2.2   Cross-border joint RDI in the field of biogas production, a suitable renewable energy carrier for
  Hungary and Romania - RESGAS 2011
5 HURO/1101/074/1.2.1   Joint Cross-Border Internet Communication System of the University of Debrecen and Politehnica
  University of Timisoara - JCBICS-UDPUT
Ultima actualizare: 2016-08-09
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